Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures Galore!

Since this is Isabella's first Maui trip, I've been taking lots of pictures. I'm certainly going to need a plan for them all! Here are a few beach moments for you to enjoy.

Maddie & Izzie wrestling!

Grill Masters

Real Treasures!


  1. As I wrote on another blog Kaylee (but apparently it didn't save) soak up some sun while you're there AND go to the tide pools for me!!! Oh, how warm that place looks. I miss you guys! See you soon, April :)
    Isabella, here's one for ya:

    Izzie at the beach one day,
    Izzie must go out to play!

    Should she wrestle Maddie,
    Or should she sit with daddy?

    Izzie at the beach all day,
    Make a fort of sandy clay!

    Then sit down two maids,
    Sporting nifty shades.

  2. It looks like you guys are enjoying your time. Can't wait to see you, Daniel and little miss! Love, Aunt Amy

  3. Thanks April! The poem is very sweet.

    Miss you too, Auntie Amy!

  4. Hi Mrs. Hicks,

    Looks like alot of fun! I love the picture of
    Isabella in her sun glasses! I miss you and
    can't wait till you get back!

  5. Hi Kaylee,

    Thanks for sharing. Though don't think it will get any better as far as pictures go. I was stunned to find out when we got back from Hawaii this last time that we had taken around 600 pictures, but they are so worth it! Enjoy

  6. wow. you are a real blogger! i can't keep up! soooo cute! i wish i was there! someday.... lots of love, Laura