Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wrestling with Daddy!

Some of my favorite moments are when Daniel is playing with Isabella. It is such a special and delightful time that I want to stash away in my memory forever. Here is a short video clip of some tickling time!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures Galore!

Since this is Isabella's first Maui trip, I've been taking lots of pictures. I'm certainly going to need a plan for them all! Here are a few beach moments for you to enjoy.

Maddie & Izzie wrestling!

Grill Masters

Real Treasures!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Out with Friends

On Tuesday evening, we went to dinner with David & Joanna and Molly & Madelyn. It was a real treat. It's amazing how the Lord is the one who really sustains any relationship. Without Him, we are utterly lost. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Day on Maui!

The first thing Izzie did this morning was practice sitting up so she could try it at the beach.

Next, we took a walk with Molly and Madelyn. We went and got a coffee too! Isabella fell asleep on the ride home cause she woke up SO early. 

Then we got ready to go to the beach. 

Once we got to the beach, Isabella wasn't too sure if she liked the whole scene or not. I think she needs to acclimate a little. She'll probably do better tomorrow. She slept a lot and was certainly not too impressed with the sand. She was much, much happier by the end of the night so I have high hopes for tomorrow!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Traveling Day!

Today we left for Maui! Boy, are we excited. Isabella did VERY well all through the day. I think she enjoyed seeing so many people. She slept 4 of the 5 or so hour flight which is amazing in itself if know Izzie at all. She is usually just like mommy when it comes to naps - she "catnaps" as they say. Anyways, after arriving in Maui, Isabella was quite the trooper when it came to the shopping. She rode in her little pack on daddy and had a ball!! Here are some photos I thought I'd share from the day.

All of us rode in a limo transportation bus to the airport. What fun!

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 Nice Girls...

Now here are two very special girls and they just happen to be cousins. I'm so thankful they're growing up in a story different from the world's interpretation of what family is. One thing my father-in-law, Pastor Hicks, has faithfully preached to all of us, his children, is that "family" isn't gonna cut it. There better be people who we can trust and who will call things what they are for us. That being said, family is something to be enjoyed. I'm thoroughly enjoying being a part of another family - the Hicks'. Getting to know all my brothers & sisters and nieces & nephews is a real pleasure. I'm very thankful Isabella will grow up safely and securely in the Holy Arc of God's Church with both her godly grandparents to help us train, instruct, and keep her in mind of her baptism.

Grandpa Hicks got them to smile for the picture!!