Monday, May 2, 2011

2 Nice Girls...

Now here are two very special girls and they just happen to be cousins. I'm so thankful they're growing up in a story different from the world's interpretation of what family is. One thing my father-in-law, Pastor Hicks, has faithfully preached to all of us, his children, is that "family" isn't gonna cut it. There better be people who we can trust and who will call things what they are for us. That being said, family is something to be enjoyed. I'm thoroughly enjoying being a part of another family - the Hicks'. Getting to know all my brothers & sisters and nieces & nephews is a real pleasure. I'm very thankful Isabella will grow up safely and securely in the Holy Arc of God's Church with both her godly grandparents to help us train, instruct, and keep her in mind of her baptism.

Grandpa Hicks got them to smile for the picture!!


  1. wow mert you can definitely see the resemblance in them..:)

  2. Hey! That's my Sony-girl! :) Can't wait to see you all on the beach. Any day now...