Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sweet Violet

Violet Louise is 10 months old today! What a sweet girl she is. 

Took these next 3 for Father's Day.

 As you can see, she loves to eat and insists on feeding herself these days!

Yesterday we went to the Cider Mill with Grace, Josh, Ruby, & Crystal. 

What a privilege to have friends.


  1. Yes, we are privileged to have friends. We are not enough for our children.

    We love Violet!

  2. Wow what special photos, you must be using a good camera for some of those pictures! It's funny to see how tidy and sweet she looks in the first set and then a total grublet!

  3. Great pictures Kaylee. I always like the in-the-high-chair-with-food-all-over-your-face shots. I have plenty of those of each of my children. Although in most of my kids' grubby high chair photos they're asleep in the food. :P