Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I came across this little tid-bit today while browsing through a Real Simple magazine...


The yearly salary a 2012 stay-at-home mom would earn (that is, if she were paid), as determined by the career-advice website Salary.com. The income was calculated by combining the average wages, plus overtime, for the jobs a mom typically performs, including laundress, janitor, driver, cook, facilities manager, psychologist, and CEO (of the household). The results also showed that the average stay-at-home mom works a grueling 94.7-hour week and would make an average of $22.94 an hour.

Now, thanks to our husbands and the washing water of the Word, the joy of motherhood far outweighs any pay but it is interesting that the spirit of this age wants to belittle mothers who stay home and have never "had a job". Oh really??


  1. I may not have made the actual money, but the rewards have been great.

  2. We are fortunate indeed to have husbands who provide for us so that we are free to BE home.

  3. It is an interesting tidbit of information, although I do believe myself that what we do as mothers is far greater, and cannot in fact, have a true dollar amount placed on it. The love of a mother for her children is priceless and cannot be measured by any professional with a simple monetary figure. It is nice to know that someone is aware of the responsibilities that are bestowed upon us, though. Unfortunately, many people do not see it this way and we are too often given strange looks when we answer that we work as a stay at home mom, when asked the question of what our occupations are.

  4. Not to mention nurse, accountant, musical and academic tutor, and referee!
    (psychologist - HA! :D)