Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Relaxing Weekend...

We spent the weekend at my grandparents' lake house. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. I'm very thankful for the forgiveness of sins which allows me to enjoy my daughter & husband. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

All cozy with a real wood fire! I love wood fires.

Daniel's first trout of many.

I made carmel apple sticky buns...ooh, they were good.

Isabella loved going down by the lake...

and fishing with daddy! She wasn't too sure about the fish though.
Daniel caught 18 good sized trout all together!!!

Isabella wants to learn to fish like her dad!

She was not too sure about the fish though!


  1. Wow Kaylee, you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I am so excited to be able to do things as a family just like that!

  2. I have so many good memories of little getaways like that with just Johnny. One of our trips I have video of John teasing an almost two year old Johnny with a lollipop taped onto the top of a remote control car. Every time Johnny would just about grab it, John would remotely drive the car forward a few feet. This went on for quite a while. Finally I stepped in and said, "Okay, can you just give it to him now??? He's been teased long enough!!!" Mothers... :D
    (Now you know why Johnny turned out like this. :P)

    Oh yeah, good times.