Thursday, June 23, 2011

A few moments...

These are just a few short clips I captured of Isabella in everyday life. She is growing so quickly, I hardly can believe it! It is such a blessing to have a vocation restored to me every day. If not, I would certainly not enjoy little moments like these half as much as I do!

She thinks her mom is SO funny!

I think she's trying to crawl...oh no!


  1. What a sweet girl - Yes Kaylee I know what you mean I have been learning lately that with the daily forgiveness we find in the body of Christ we can enjoy our vocations know like cleaning the bathroom for the umpteenth time or getting the playmobil pieces out of the vacuum after I told them to clean them up.... when I receive that DAILY forgiveness I can even enjoy the tasks that might become mundane after awhile!!!! Bless you Kaylee

  2. So true Joan. It is in the daily washing that I'm able to enjoy doing my vocations like you said. And you hit it right on the spot!!!!

    Kaylee - So glad you could come over while we were visiting. She sure is sweet but I'm sure you already know that. :)

  3. I must say, Kaylee, that your growling is pretty funny... I couldn't help laughing out lou:
    more with Izzy than at her ;) She's pretty sweet :)